20 Haircuts for Men With Thick Hair You Can’t Miss in 2022

You’re really lucky if you’re one of those guys with thick hair. A lot of girls will kill for a mane like yours. If you happen to be one of them, make sure you choose the right hairstyle to add value and make the most of it. We recommend that you don’t keep your hair short, instead highlighting it with a long layered hairstyle or perhaps a haircut that focuses on the crown hair.

Hairstyles for men with thick hair

A pompadour haircut will no doubt suit you well, and a faded side hairstyle with a part and a rich top will definitely make you irresistible to girls. Here are some male hairstyles for your thick hair.

#1. Long thick hair

long thick hair for men

This gorgeous layered hairstyle for men with thick hair will give you a mysterious gentleman look that will catch every girl’s attention. Tousle your bangs and twist them to one side. Thanks to this thick hair, your curls will have considerable volume.

#2. Short thick hair

Men with short thick hair

Style a faded short haircut for men with thick hair on the sides and back and complete your look with a medium length ducktail beard. For the crown hair, use styling mousse to recreate this wet look and style your hair upwards.

#3. Medium length thick hair

medium length thick hair for men

Who says only girls can dye their hair? Go for a silver platinum blonde hair color and keep your roots their natural color. Style a short faded side cut and keep the rest of your hair twisted at the back.

#4. Thick Wavy Hairstyle

thick wavy men hairstyle

Show that beautiful wave, man! Get a medium hairstyle with bangs that reach your jawline and tousle them on one side. You will create a messy look that works beautifully with a mustache.

#5. Thick coarse hairstyle

thick coarse hairstyle for men

African American hair will look so much better if you choose a hairstyle that lifts your coarse, thick hair. Style a balding on the sides and you’re good to go.

#6. Thick hairstyle for oval face

Thick hairstyle for men with oval faces

An oval face suits any hairstyle, and if you happen to be a guy with a thick mane, this crown up haircut is one of the best choices for you.

#7. Hairstyle for men with a fat and round face

Thick hair for round face men

If you have a round face, there are a few tricks that will make it look slimmer. First, create a hairstyle that is short on the sides and has dimension in the crown area. It will make your face look longer. A short thick beard can also help you get the aspect you crave.

#8th. Faded thick hair

Faded thick hairstyle for men

Whenever you want to look like a dashing gentleman, create a ducktail beard with well-defined edges and a partial fade for your haircut. Lift your top hair and create this wet look with styling mousse or gel.

#9. Thick messy hair

Thick messy hair for guys

This superb messy hairstyle for men with thick hair is extremely versatile. You can opt for a relaxed look by only slightly tousling your hair, or you can style your bangs to one side or up.

#10. Thick frizzy hair

Men with thick, frizzy hair

Create a side cut that is the same length as your beard. Keep your top hair long and add lots of moisturizers if you want it to be fairly easy to manage and style. A mustache will undoubtedly make a difference too.

#11. Curly and choppy thick hair

Curly and choppy thick hair for men

A stately hairstyle for men with curly thick hair. Tight curls really suit guys who have a lot of hair. Give your hair a choppy cut to reduce the thickness of the hairstyle.

#12. Gelled back with shaved sides

Side shaved haircuts for men with thick hair

It is possible to reduce the thickness of a haircut by using gel to smooth the hairstyle. Shaving the sides of the hair makes the cut look smoother.

#13. Thick and straight hair

Best floppy haircut for men with thick hair

Apply enough gel to your hair to straighten it, but not so much that it’s immobile. A floppy hairstyle creates a friendly and approachable look.

#14. Slicked back hairstyle with a bushy beard

Slickback hairstyles for men for thick hair and oval face

Any combed haircut for men with thick hair looks really trendy when paired with a thick bushy beard. Undercut the section of hair between your beard and the top of your head for an added effect.

#fifteen. Twisted slowly

Hairstyles for men with thick hair of medium length

Give thicker hair a unique look by twisting it around your head instead of gelling it straight back. Twisting your hair around creates a unique visual look.

#16. Men’s hairstyle for thick hair and thin face

Men's hairstyles for thick hair and thin face

Men with thicker hair can use the soft hold hair gel to pull their hair into a soft point at the front of the head. This look is a timeless classic hairstyle that has been popular for decades.

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#17. floppy fringes

For a true throwback to the ’90s, style your chunky haircut with floppy bangs. Sweep all your hair from side to side to create some really pronounced bangs.

#18. Tousled soft curls

Create voluminous, tousled hair by running your fingers through it while blow-drying. This helps to give a luscious and luxurious look to long and thick haircuts.

#19. Curly & messy

Haircuts for men with thick curly hair

Tight curls hold their shape really well. This means you can always grow your hair bigger and bigger. Push the limits as far as you dare.

#20. Professional hairstyle

Professional hairstyle for men with thick hair

Choose soft spikes for a non-threatening but cool professional hairstyle. Pull your hair into spikes and then use a little bit of soft hair gel to keep everything in place.

Boring round cuts for men

Men with thick hair have so many different options to choose from. They are very lucky because their hair type is so versatile. Any guys looking for more inspiration on what to do with their hair should check out some of the other amazing lists on our site.

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